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Therapies incorporated in some Sessions

Moxibustion or Moxa: Is an herb usually based on Mugwort, which helps improve circulation, warm the area and enhance a point's function. Moxa is burned. Moxa comes in different forms such as stick-ons to the body, placed on the needle's top or as a stick hovered over the points.
Cupping Therapy: Uses glass cups with a lit fire, which creates a vacuum action, to pull and
release stagnation which may be trapped in the skin, muscles and deeper levels. Cupping may be static in one place or moving in a pattern similar to a massging action. Temporary discoloration of the skin may occur.
Gua Sha Therapy: It is a technique performed by scraping  the body with a horn comb or ceramic tool. Gua Sha promotes circulation by breaking up obstructions at surface or deeper levels. Temporary discoloration of the skin may occur.

Essential Oils: Oils have an essence, a scent, a vibration when used on points or areas of the body, brings a subtle information toward healing. .

Yvonne Fumiko Mizuta LAc, MSAOM