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Chinese herbs assist and enhance the network of organs, blood and energy flow and can treat the underlying condition of a patient as defined by Oriental medicine.
Patients may take either herbal teas, capsules or pills depending on their preference.
Chinese herbal medicine are combined in formulas to match the patient’s symptoms for their therapeutic effect.
Herbs like the foods we eat can fortify our constitution but   should not to be taken as a supplement like vitamins and minerals. Every aspect of our body is dynamic so the condition that is treated also changes. The herbal combination should be given according to your symptoms.
Herbal formulas do take time to help your body. They are not band-aids to cover up your symptoms. Herbs are prescribed to help the underlying condition and your body needs that time to find its way to heal.
Chinese herbs are not to replace any prescribed medication by your doctor
Yvonne Fumiko Mizuta LAc, MSAOM