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The strategy of Oriental Medicine is to inform the body facilitating changes for restoration, clarity and balance.
Your body’s health exists when there is an enhanced flow of energy, blood, moisture, breath and most importantly a spacious state of mind.
A disruption in this harmony can bring an insufficiency or blockage to the flow.
Insufficiency leads to a slowing down of your organ's energetics and blood flow which shows symptoms of weakness, a  tired feeling, poorer digestion, low energy, lowered emotions and a propensity toward becoming ill.
Blockage of flow leads to tension, pain, bloating in the abdominal area, a heavy feeling in your body, painful periods,  inflammation and stress.
The scope of Oriental medicine includes acupuncture, bodywork, dietary therapy, and exercises based on Chinese Classical principles.

Yvonne Fumiko Mizuta LAc, MSAOM